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MacHANd (McMaster University Hand, Arm, Nerve) Group


Welcome to the MacHANd (McMaster University Hand, Arm, Nerve) Group Website. The School of Rehabilitation Science and the Department of Surgery at McMaster University established the MacHANd Group in 2007 with the goal and purpose of creating a forum to promote excellence in research, education and clinical care for hand and upper limb diseases, disorders and conditions.

The MacHANd Group is a multidisciplinary team composed of anaesthetists, hand therapists, kinesiologists, nerve specialists, occupational therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, researchers, and scientists.

High-quality clinical services are offered at sophisticated facilities located at Hamilton Health Sciences family of hospitals and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. First-class research is conducted at the MacHAND (McMaster Hand, Arm, Neck Disability) Lab, as well as the microsurgery lab at St. Joseph's Hospital and molecular biology lab at McMaster University.


The members of the MacHANd Group are experts in disorders of the hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder, and offer a range of specialized health care services, including arthroscopy, manual therapy, microsurgery, and reconstruction. As leaders in hand and upper limb research, the MacHANd Group contributes to the advancement of health care through collaborative research and conducts and publishes clinical research supported by numerous funding agencies, including Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

As part of an on-going commitment to education, the MacHANd Group holds Grand Rounds three times a year and an annual educational symposium. The MacHANd Group also welcomes opportunities for students to take an active part in its research programs. A listing of student project opportunities is available here.